The Right Place for Post Acute Care

Choosing the right post acute care

There are always many options for a patient who needs post acute care, but little direction for choosing the right place. Patients or family members don’t have a great amount of guidance as to what’s important, and they often end up choosing a facility based on factors that shouldn’t be at the top of the…

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How to Cover Medicare Costs

Covering Medicare costs

Medicare is a governmental insurance program that covers most of the cost of healthcare for seniors. However, it is not inclusive, and for struggling seniors, covering the extra costs can be quite challenging. There are several options for helping seniors pay the excess out of pocket fees for their health needs. Medicare Savings Program Medicare…

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Not Enough Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs Globally

Cardiac Rehabilitation globally

A new study has determined that globally, there are not enough cardiac rehabilitation programs to meet the needs of heart disease patients.  How many people need Cardiac Rehabilitation? Throughout the world, it is estimated that there are 20 million people who would benefit from cardiac rehabilitation. This number includes people who have had a cardiac…

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Urban Poling for Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Urban Poling is great for orthopedic rehabilitation

Urban poling, a popular Nordic sport, has become in vogue in the States over the past few years for its health and rehabilitative abilities. It’s an excellent activity for physical and occupational therapy as well as orthopedic rehabilitation. What is urban poling?  Urban poling is also known as Nordic walking or exerstriding. Its a form…

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Proper Tracheostomy care

Tracheostomy care

A tracheotomy is a delicate procedure that requires proper care to be successful. Here’s a short guide to effective tracheostomy care. What is a tracheostomy? A tracheostomy, often shortened to a trach, is a small hole that is surgically created in the trachea when a person has an obstruction that doesn’t allow breathing through the…

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What Happens in Post Acute Rehab?

What happens in post acute rehab?

Post acute rehab, as the name suggests, is a temporary living situation for patients who are just finished acute care. These patients have usually undergone a major surgical process or have otherwise suffered a medical crisis such as a heart attack. The goal of the post acute rehab is to provide an environment where the…

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Exoskeleton for CVA Rehab

Exoskeleton for cva rehab

A cva is a cerebrovascular accident, medical terminology for a stroke. In medical parlance, cva rehab is a crucial element of recovery for a stroke victim, and there are always exciting new products on the market to aid in recuperation. One of the newest entrants into the market is the exoskeleton, which makers hope will…

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COPD Rehab Can Help With Fatigue

COPD rehab can help with fatigue

COPD is a challenge for people to live with in many ways. One part of the COPD journey is dealing with constant fatigue. Making lifestyle changes, starting with a program of COPD rehab, is the first step toward ending the fatigue and getting back to functional living. What is COPD? COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary…

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Meet Our Latest Rehab Stars!

Meet David Clark, Elizabeth Marty, Tracy Robinson and Robert Blake! Find out what makes Sinai Post-Acute Nursing and Rehab Center, the best in the business! Visit our SUCCESS PAGE and open the new postcards for these rehab superstars above!

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