Our physician-led Wound Care Program delivers top of the line wound treatment to stimulate tissue growth and faster healing of chronic and non-healing wounds. Under the direction of Dr. Haresh Kane, our certified wound care staff utilizes innovative treatment and the latest technology to achieve outstanding therapeutic results.

Treatment includes:

  • IV Antibiotics
  • Specialized Air Mattresses
  • Electric Simulation
  • Infection Control Techniques
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • Wound Care Specialist Conducting Regular Rounds

Individuals suffering from surgical wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, burns, pressure sores, and other hard-to-heal wounds can benefit from this program.

Dr. Haresh Kane is a certified wound care specialist and the founder of Kane Wound Care and Princeton Wound Care Center. His expertise includes the hyperbaric oxygen chambers and their various positive effects on multiple chronic and debilitating diseases. He is committed to further pursuing research on hyperbaric technology which he believes is the key to healing many diseases.