New Ideas in Promoting Comfort care for Patients in the ICU

Promoting comfort care for ICU patients

There are many opposing ideas for how to best provide care for patients who are in intensive care. On one side of the fence you have proponents of trying every type of treatment in the hopes of improving the patient’s health, whereas on the other side are advocates of giving comfort care instead What happens…

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Medicare to Cover CHF Rehab

chf rehab

People who have congestive heart failure are at strong risk of morbidity and mortality unless they take control of their disease and make important changes in their lives. Unfortunately, until recently, heart disease patients have not been covered for rehab under Medicare, making it more difficult for them to get the help they need. Recently,…

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Will Machines provide Neurological care?

Will robots take over neurological care?

Should machines become the new doctors in America? At the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, doctors discussed the possibility of artificial intelligence taking over patients’ neurological care. Neurological care and the doctor’s touch While it seems like a scene out of a futuristic movie, the future is here, barreling into our world…

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How Recreation Activities for Seniors Can Improve Their Health

recreation activities for seniors

Seniors may enjoy doing various activities, from exercise and hobbies to socializing and learning. Especially today, when so many seniors are mobile and there are so many facilities and organizations that offer recreation activities for seniors, seniors can live a full and engaging life, and even their health can benefit. What are some recreation activities…

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Exercise Supports Activities for Daily Living Throughout Senior Years

Exercise supports activities for daily living

As people age, it may become more difficult to do regular physical activity and activities for daily living. However, for optimal physical health into the golden years, exercise is a major factor.  What constitutes exercise? The World Health Organization says that lack of adequate movement and exercise causes 3.2 million deaths annually for people over…

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State Governments Taking the Initiative With Palliative Care

Providing palliative care

Palliative care is gaining steam as an important part of an ill patient’s care, and state governments have quickly jumped on the bandwagon to create laws mandating it as part of a complete treatment program. What is palliative care? Unfortunately, this type of care is much misunderstood, which explains why it is also so underused.…

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Heart Disease and Cardiac Rehab

cardiac rehab

Although many doctors already recommend cardiac rehab for patients with heart disease, a new recommendation in the Journal of the American Medical Association, JAMA cardiology, will hopefully increase the amount of patients that take advantage of the program. The recommendation comes in the form of a patient resource, and it addresses patients who have had…

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