Improvements Through Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid extension

States that have adopted and implemented the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have seen patients with better access to healthcare and better outcomes for healthcare centers that offer treatment through the Medicaid System. A new study organized by the Commonwealth Fund shows that these States have higher rates of improved healthcare than states that have not…

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Exercise for Cardiac Rehab

Exercise for cardiac rehab

An exercise regimen is important at any age to keep in shape and stay heart-healthy. If you start when you’re young and partake in other activities that positively affect your health, chances are high that you’ll avoid the scourge of heart disease.  What if you didn’t start early enough? Can someone who already has a…

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Making the Decision to Move to Long Term Care

Moving into long term care

It’s not usually a simple choice to move aging relatives into long term care. There’s often a gradual change, and we hang onto the hope that we really can make it work in the current situation. But sometimes it becomes apparent that home is just not providing the needs of your aging loved one. Why…

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Physical Therapy for Amputations

Physical therapy for amputation

Physical therapy is an important part of proper limb amputation recovery. Whether or not a patient opts for a prosthesis, he’ll need to keep the rest of his body in active shape to stay healthy. What’s the timeline? When an amputee recovers from surgery, one of the components of the recovery process is physical therapy,…

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Jonathan’s Story

Jonathan Morse, Sub-acute Patient Following hospitalization at Newark Beth Israel Hospital, Mr. Morse was admitted to Sinai Post-Acute Nursing & Rehabilitation Center for Orthopedic care after a fracture of his left femur. Upon his arrival to Sinai Center he had hip pain, difficulty walking, along with muscle weakness and loss of strength. Mr. Morse was…

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State of the art therapy and horticulture

State of the art horticultural therapy

A rehab program is meant to be more than simply a place to rest up after surgery or illness. Rehab programs offer all sorts of state of the art therapies, from standards such as physical and occupational therapy to innovative therapy ideas such as art and music. A newer entrant into rehab therapy is horticultural…

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Pulmonary Rehab for Getting Back to a Normal Life

Pulmonary Rehab

COPD is a devastating diagnosis for patients. While it is definitely a serious hit, people don’t have to think their lives are over when they hear the verdict. It just means that they’ll have to make some important changes in their lifestyles. Pulmonary rehab is gaining momentum as real system for managing COPD and helping…

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