Sinai Center Achieves Outstanding DOH Survey


August 14, 2018. Sinai Post-Acute, Rehab & Nursing Center, a foremost skilled nursing facility in Essex County, is proud to share their results upon completion of this year’s DOH Survey. Under the dynamic leadership of its Administrator Golde Bondy and Director of Nursing Erlinda Delacruz, the center received an excellent survey. Sinai Center is proud to have raised the bar in their delivery of post acute care, assuring a positive patient experience throughout one’s recovery. From the nursing care to the dietary realm to building cleanliness, every aspect comes together to make it “So Nice at Sinai!™”- the center’s defining hallmark.

Surveys by the Department of Health take place annually to evaluate facilities’ compliance with State and Federal regulations. In these unannounced yet rigorous annual Surveys, State Inspectors examine various aspects related to provision and quality of care, medication management, environment safety, staff performance, food, recreation, and respect for patients’ rights and dignity, producing an official assessment of the Center’s “vital signs”.

“The results of our most recent Survey reflect the high caliber of our staff, with great strides and improvements noted throughout all departments,” states Golde Bondy, LNHA, Administrator at Sinai Center. Pointing out that the results truly reflect the superior quality of care Sinai Center provides, as well as the consistency in the staff’s commitment and dedication, Ms. Bondy underlines the fact that “it takes strong team work at every level to achieve the positive results we obtained in the survey”.

Seizing the momentum generated by the results of this survey, this towering landmark in the heart of Newark is clearly living up to the great reputation of its many success stories in short-term rehab, stroke recovery cardiac and wound care.

To learn more about Sinai Center’s impressive array of clinical programs tailored to the needs of the community, please contact Hassannah Cheatham at 973-483-6800 x103

Helping Our Residents Overcome Their Day To Day Struggles: Introducing Ms. Tanesha Robinson, LCADC

Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor-tanesha robinson

To enhance our continuum of care and better meet the needs of our residents, we have brought Ms. Robinson onto our Sinai team. As a Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor, she fills an important role – providing counseling on the individual level and in a weekly group setting. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Ms. Robinson finds tremendous satisfaction in providing individuals with the tools they need to overcome their challenges and preparing residents for their discharge back to the community.

A resident of New Jersey, Ms. Robinson earned a Masters in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, and a Bachelors in Criminal Justice from Kean University in Union, NJ. Beyond her duties at Sinai, she does volunteer counseling in her outreach ministry in the Second Macedonia Baptist Church, helping individuals who struggle with all types of addictions.

“There is nothing more rewarding than helping others live a clean and sober life,” says Tanesha.

Sinai Center Partners With The Heart Center of the Oranges: Bringing Better Heart Care To Essex County

Sinai Post-Acute, Rehab & Nursing Center is proud to partner with The Heart Center of The Oranges, bringing specialized cardiac rehabilitation to the community – and having a tremendous impact in Essex County with its positive outcomes. Dr. Gitendra Rajiyah, who leads The Heart Center, is now Medical Director of Sinai Center’s Cardiac Care Program.

The goals of Sinai’s Cardiac Program are as far reaching as they are clear: To limit the physical effects of cardiac disease, improve the overall cardiovascular health of the patients, and minimize the need for re-hospitalization.

A heart attack is frightening – regardless of its severity; and recovery might involve surgery and a full lineup of prescription medications.

Yet, perhaps the single most important factor to attain long lasting recovery is to undergo cardiac rehabilitation with the direct supervision of a cardiac expert in a state-of-the art facility.

“Our focus, says Dr. Gitendra Rajiyah, “is to help patients recover from a cardiac event or a cardiac-related surgery, and direct them to make the necessary lifestyle choices to manage heart disease and prevent future episodes”.

Board certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease, Dr. Rajiyah has been practicing medicine for more than three decades – working extensively with the geriatric population.

“As impressive as his credentials are, what is truly remarkable is to see him lead our staff, and the extent he goes to create a personal connection with our patients, earn their trust, and become a partner with them in the journey of cardiac rehabilitation” says Golde Bondy LNHA, Administrator at Sinai Center.

Dr. Rajiyah’s command of English, French, Russian and Spanish are certainly an asset considering the diversity of both the patients and staff at Sinai Center; And his affiliation with the best hospitals in the area, including St. Michael’s Medical Center, Clara Maass Medical Center, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, and Saint Barnabas Medical Center, provides an added measure of peace of mind to family members.

Cardiac rehabilitation in the 21st century is about gaining back the ability to participate in the activities of daily living and making the necessary lifestyle adjustments to prevent any future episodes.

Sinai Center’s Cardiac Program is indeed, making these possibilities real by making them accessible to the Essex County community.

Personal Attention to Ensure a Smooth Transition and Positive Recovery Experience

March 18, 2018. Newark, New Jersey. Transitioning from the hospital to a post acute center following surgery or an illness often brings an added measure of stress for patients, unless they are newly admitted to Sinai Post-Acute Nursing & Rehab Center in Essex County. At Sinai Center, every patient is welcomed into a clean and well-appointed room especially prepared for them – and greeted by the warm smile of Ms. Archie, the center’s full-time Concierge.

“Following up with residents and their family members the morning after admission is crucial” says “Golde Bondy, LNHA, Administrator at Sinai Center; “it allows us to assess their condition 24 hours after their hospital discharge, determine the range of services needed to restore them to optimal condition, and provide the emotional support they need to maximize their recovery”.

As the patients settle in their new rehab routine and as they recover – their levels of mobility and independence change, and with these welcomed changes come new needs that must be addressed: From foods they enjoy and that now can be included in their meal menu, to the need to schedule private time with the social worker to work out any concerns they might have about returning home as their discharge date approaches.

“At Sinai, our full-time Concierge Services are an extra layer of personal attention to each patient that allows for their needs and concerns to be taken care of, freeing their mind and energy to be focused where it’s most needed: in meeting their therapy goals and getting ready to return home.

Patient care, however, does not conclude once the patient is discharged. “Follow-up post discharge is vital” indicates Bondy, “and follow-up calls with the patient and their family members are a key element for the discharge to be successful – and lasting”.

Coordinating follow-up calls after 24 & 72 hours, 14 & 30 days, allows Sinai’s Concierge to have valuable information regarding the patient’s readjustment to being home and any further need for assistance – whether in the form of equipment to ambulate, or fit-to-level prosthetics as their progress continues at home.

Here is where Ms. Archie’s empathy and honed listening skills are a great asset for Sinai’s high standards of patient care, for it is her ability to relate and understand the various needs of our patients that assures their time recovering at Sinai is an overall positive experience and, once at home, the memories of surgery, infirmity, and pain are left behind as they enter a new chapter of wellbeing.

Ms. Jewel Archie, Sinai Center’s new Concierge

Preventing Frostbite & Bringing Out The Best In The Newark Community

Every winter season there is an increased need for adequate clothing for the indigent population in the Newark area, and Sinai Post-Acute, Nursing & Rehab Center is intent on helping those at risk: First with a Coat & Show Drive through the month of November followed by a Health Fair on Saturday, December 16.

“We see an increase during the Holiday season in the number of people falling ill with pneumonia, experiencing frostbite, and forced to undergo amputations, says Dr. Nelson Aluya, a Medical Director at Sinai Center who spearheaded this campaign. “We are first-hand witnesses of the harm that inclement weather can cause – and have decided to be proactive about it by tapping in the resources and kind heart of our own community.

The call to action issued by Sinai Center to drop off new or gently used coasts & shoes at its front desk throughout the month of November was certainly effective.

“The response of the community was outstanding” says Golde Bondy, LNHA, Administrator at Sinai Center, “Only surpassed by the amazing participation in our Health Fair where people from all walks of the community took advantage of the opportunity to get their blood pressure taken, get screened for diabetes, and obtain valuable pharmaceutical information. Both events proved that Newark is a community with a big heart”.

Indeed, the success of Sinai’s twofold proactive effort is clear:

In conjunction with area hospitals, The City of Newark, Rutgers University, and Impact Life International, Sinai Center collected an impressive selection of shoes and coats in every size.

Honored with the presence of the H. Ugo Nwaokoro, Deputy Mayor of Newark, the Health Fair held in mid-December was a rewarding collaboration with Ghana Medical Association, the Jamaican Medical Association, Jah Jah Foundation, and Impact Life International. It brought to the fore the best in Newark – its communal organizations and the young and vibrant representatives behind them.

Providing premier subacute and skilled nursing care in Essex County, and proactively looking out for the most vulnerable, Sinai Center is certainly creating a positive impact in the community at large.


Through November 30 – We Are counting on your participation!

Proud To Be A “Preferred Partner” of RWJBarnabas Health For Post-Acute Care

Sinai Post-Acute, Nursing & Rehab Center, Essex County’s premier facility, recognized for its outstanding staff of nursing and rehab professionals, is proud to announce its designation as PREFERRED PARTNER for post-acute care services by RWJBarnabas Health, the most comprehensive health care delivery system in New Jersey.

Acknowledging this significant achievement and beaming with pride, Sinai Center’s Abraham Krauss states “this designation as a Preferred Partner reflects our keen understanding of the need in the community for high quality post-acute care – especially in terms of efficiently and smoothly coordinating the transitions of care”.

Sinai Center certainly has a lot in common with RWJBarnabas Health: their commitment to provide clinical services of quality, the highly-trained professionals that lead their specialty programs and, most importantly, the deeply ingrained sense of responsibility towards the communities they serve.

Featuring an impressive newly renovated Short-Term Rehab Unit dedicated to the needs of the post-acute patient, and the largest rehab gym in Essex County, the staff at Sinai Center takes pride in their cutting-edge protocols, geared to help individuals claim back their independence and facilitate their return home.

Combining the comforts of home with exceptional clinical care, “we are poised, together with RWJBarnabas Health, to make a unique impact in the community, especially in quality of care, sustaining a low rate of readmissions, patient satisfaction, and successful outcomes”, indicates Golde Bondy, LNHA, Administrator at Sinai Center.

Already highly recommended by area doctors for post-surgical and rehabilitative care, Sinai Center is certainly an ideal partner for RWJBarnabas Health, sharing the commitment to provide excellence in clinical care needed to return to restore individuals to their highest functional capacity and optimum quality of life.

Only minutes away from some of New Jersey’s fines hospitals, Sinai Center is recognized for its outstanding staff of nursing and rehabilitation professionals, and high caliber of post-acute care. To schedule a tour and for more information please call Hassannah Cheatham, Admissions Director at 973)483-6800 ext. 103.