Indian Program
by Dr. Mukund Thakar

When your loved one is in need of sub acute rehabilitation or skilled nursing care, it is important to choose an environment where their culture and values will be respected. We are excited to announce the opening of the nationally recognized Indian Nursing Home Program by Mukund Thakar.

Dr. Thakar’s accurate formula of nursing home rehabilitation and care enriched with the rich Indian culture provides comfort to all residents that stay with us at Sinai. Please feel free to reach out to us for more information or a tour of our Indian Program by Mukund Thakar.

Our Unique Program Offers:

  • Indian Staff 24 Hours a Day
  • Indian Food
  • Indian Religious Services
  • Indian Festival Celebration
  • Indian Cultural Activities
  • Indian Décor and Environment
  • Indian TV Channels and Newspapers
  • Indian Tea and Snacks
Mukund Thakar Mukund Thakar President and Founder Indian Program Cell: 732-829-9178
Rama Thakar Rama Thakar Vice President Indian Program Cell: 732-829-6844