Using Technology in Diabetes Care

New advances in diabetes care

Technology has made important headway in helping and managing diabetes care. The American Diabetes Association has recently added a section on technology in its Standards for Diabetes Care, which was published in The Annals of Internal Medicine on august 13.  Getting proper diabetes care There are 2 types of diabetes. Diabetes type 1 used to…

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Zero Gravity Conditions Aid in Stroke Recovery

Zero gravity for stroke recovery

Advances in stroke recovery are an enormous part of medical progress. Stroke is the third-deadliest disease worldwide, and many survivors face a steep uphill battle. Stroke victims are a large percentage of rehab facility inpatients, and much of their day revolves around therapies of various sorts to get them back in shape. The challenge in…

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A Different Approach to Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation

Some therapies for stroke rehabilitation are extremely effective – but only for some patients. A group of researchers set to figure out why that is, and based on the results, how to get higher rates of effectiveness for each type of therapy.  At Sinai Post Acute Care Center for Rehabilitation, we’re always interested in stroke…

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Not Enough Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs Globally

Cardiac Rehabilitation globally

A new study has determined that globally, there are not enough cardiac rehabilitation programs to meet the needs of heart disease patients.  How many people need Cardiac Rehabilitation? Throughout the world, it is estimated that there are 20 million people who would benefit from cardiac rehabilitation. This number includes people who have had a cardiac…

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Urban Poling for Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Urban Poling is great for orthopedic rehabilitation

Urban poling, a popular Nordic sport, has become in vogue in the States over the past few years for its health and rehabilitative abilities. It’s an excellent activity for physical and occupational therapy as well as orthopedic rehabilitation. What is urban poling?  Urban poling is also known as Nordic walking or exerstriding. Its a form…

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Exoskeleton for CVA Rehab

Exoskeleton for cva rehab

A cva is a cerebrovascular accident, medical terminology for a stroke. In medical parlance, cva rehab is a crucial element of recovery for a stroke victim, and there are always exciting new products on the market to aid in recuperation. One of the newest entrants into the market is the exoskeleton, which makers hope will…

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Medicare to Cover CHF Rehab

chf rehab

People who have congestive heart failure are at strong risk of morbidity and mortality unless they take control of their disease and make important changes in their lives. Unfortunately, until recently, heart disease patients have not been covered for rehab under Medicare, making it more difficult for them to get the help they need. Recently,…

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