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Drug Free Pain Management

drug free pain management

People who live with chronic pain usually turn to drugs as the only form of pain management. As much as it helps, there are obvious drawbacks. Now there may be new ways to deal with the pain without turning to drugs. Dealing with chronic pain There’s a myriad of reasons why people have chronic pain,…

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Are there enough Infectious Disease Doctors?

Infectious Disease Doctors

A recent New York Times Opinion article addressed a potential problem in the US – are there enough infectious disease doctors? This is an issue that is growing, and that could have very dangerous consequences in coming years if not corrected. Why are there fewer Infectious disease doctors? Despite years of intensive training, infectious disease…

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Improvements Through Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid extension

States that have adopted and implemented the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have seen patients with better access to healthcare and better outcomes for healthcare centers that offer treatment through the Medicaid System. A new study organized by the Commonwealth Fund shows that these States have higher rates of improved healthcare than states that have not…

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State of the art therapy and horticulture

State of the art horticultural therapy

A rehab program is meant to be more than simply a place to rest up after surgery or illness. Rehab programs offer all sorts of state of the art therapies, from standards such as physical and occupational therapy to innovative therapy ideas such as art and music. A newer entrant into rehab therapy is horticultural…

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PAD and Vascular Care

Pierre Acobas for Unsplash Thursday, March 14 was World kidney day. This effort was created to spread awareness about the importance of your kidneys. In honor of the day’s hype, a group of doctors, device and pharmaceutical makers and kidney specialists known as the Cardiovascular Coalition have teamed up to promote healthy vascular care. Chronic…

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Joint Replacement and Electrical Stimulation

Joint replacement is a hugely successful procedure for most people, allowing them to live a normal life. After what was for many people a painful existence, joint replacement provides pain-free access to physical activity. In a low minority of cases, though, problems could develop post-surgery. the biggest culprit in these cases is infection. in fact,…

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Knee Replacement Surgery and Visual Aids

A recently published study about decision making for knee replacement surgery had some interesting findings. The study was based on research from the Creaky Joints community, an online base for thousands of Americans dealing with arthritis and joint problems. It was published in “Arthritis Care and Research,” a medical journal put out by The Association…

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