Introducing Michael Neiman, LNHA New Executive Director & Administrator at Sinai Post-Acute Nursing & Rehab Center in Essex County

January 18, 2017. Step into Sinai Post-Acute, Nursing & Rehab Center these days and you will find residents and staff alike excitedly sharing the news: This premier provider of subacute and skilled nursing has a new Executive Director and Administrator – Michael Neiman, LNHA.

A natural leader, Michael Neiman is a seasoned administrator with 20 years of experience and a keen understanding of compliance.

He is known for his ability to create an environment where patients’ needs are not only met but surpassed, where residents enjoy life, where staff members thrive – and everyone is an integral part of the team. Michael knows each resident by name, and recognizes each staff member for the specialized knowledge and skills they contribute to Sinai.

“From day one”, says Dr. H. Patel, Medical Director at Sinai Center, “we have seen him connect with patients, residents and team members”. And he certainly understands the great value of having an impressive team of professionals on staff: specialists in Cardiac Care, Diabetes Management, Amputee Rehabilitation and Wound Care, and ELEVEN FULL-TIME THERAPISTS on task with daily/weekly/monthly goals for each patient and resident, intent on not cutting corners when it comes to patient care.

A big believer in the important role that culture plays when working towards rehabilitation and sustaining wellbeing, Neiman is certain to further develop Sinai Center’s renowned spheres of specialized excellence and multicultural programs. Indeed, you can find Michael Neiman making rounds throughout the day in each one of the seven floors of this state-of-the-art 430-bed facility, making sure each resident’s clinical, cultural, and personal needs are tended to – and each staff member has everything needed to provide the exceptional clinical care the has earned Sinai Center its remarkable reputation.

For more information about Sinai Center please contact Vivian Toro at (973) 483- 6800 extension 103.