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Hip Replacement Improvements – How to Better the Process

Hip replacement surgery

A hip replacement is a fairly routine surgery that has the ability to greatly enhance a person’s life and functionality. However, like any surgery, it has its risks, and there is always room for improvement. Part of medical progress is the relentless search for new and better ways to do things, which is why medicine…

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Researchers Develop Algorithm for Predicting Infectious Diseases

Searching to combat infectious diseases

Is it possible to predict the onset of infectious diseases? Israeli researchers set out to answer this question and believe that the answer is, in many cases, yes. Can doctors predict the onset of infectious diseases? Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have studied how different kinds of infectious disease causing agents…

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Zero Gravity Conditions Aid in Stroke Recovery

Zero gravity for stroke recovery

Advances in stroke recovery are an enormous part of medical progress. Stroke is the third-deadliest disease worldwide, and many survivors face a steep uphill battle. Stroke victims are a large percentage of rehab facility inpatients, and much of their day revolves around therapies of various sorts to get them back in shape. The challenge in…

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Recreational Therapy for Rehab Patients

recreational therapy

Who wouldn’t choose dancing, singing or gardening over laborious exercises as an option for rehab? Sorry, it’s a trick question – in almost every rehab circumstance, you’ll need the standard physical program. However, who wouldn’t choose to at least add in some fun to their standard therapy program? This is a reality, in the form…

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Medicaid Regulations Needed to Protect the Poor and the Elderly

Need for better Medicaid regulations

The Medicaid and Medicare programs, combine under CMS – the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Systems – though not perfect, are a lifeline for the impoverished and the elderly. However, because they are government sponsored, they are more susceptible to breaches of security. New Medicaid regulations are needed to enforce tighter security so the poor…

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Telemedicine Cuts Emergency Room Visits for Dementia Patients

Telemedicine for dementia patients

A trial study in Los Angeles recently showed great promise for the use of telemedicine for dementia patients. While the results weren’t far-reaching, they were significant in their findings and will hopefully be followed up by more, larger studies and greater use of telemedicine for many types of ailments. What is telemedicine? Telemedicine is a…

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A Different Approach to Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation

Some therapies for stroke rehabilitation are extremely effective – but only for some patients. A group of researchers set to figure out why that is, and based on the results, how to get higher rates of effectiveness for each type of therapy.  At Sinai Post Acute Care Center for Rehabilitation, we’re always interested in stroke…

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