Personal Attention to Ensure a Smooth Transition and Positive Recovery Experience

March 18, 2018. Newark, New Jersey. Transitioning from the hospital to a post acute center following surgery or an illness often brings an added measure of stress for patients, unless they are newly admitted to Sinai Post-Acute Nursing & Rehab Center in Essex County. At Sinai Center, every patient is welcomed into a clean and well-appointed room especially prepared for them – and greeted by the warm smile of Ms. Archie, the center’s full-time Concierge.

“Following up with residents and their family members the morning after admission is crucial” says “Golde Bondy, LNHA, Administrator at Sinai Center; “it allows us to assess their condition 24 hours after their hospital discharge, determine the range of services needed to restore them to optimal condition, and provide the emotional support they need to maximize their recovery”.

As the patients settle in their new rehab routine and as they recover – their levels of mobility and independence change, and with these welcomed changes come new needs that must be addressed: From foods they enjoy and that now can be included in their meal menu, to the need to schedule private time with the social worker to work out any concerns they might have about returning home as their discharge date approaches.

“At Sinai, our full-time Concierge Services are an extra layer of personal attention to each patient that allows for their needs and concerns to be taken care of, freeing their mind and energy to be focused where it’s most needed: in meeting their therapy goals and getting ready to return home.

Patient care, however, does not conclude once the patient is discharged. “Follow-up post discharge is vital” indicates Bondy, “and follow-up calls with the patient and their family members are a key element for the discharge to be successful – and lasting”.

Coordinating follow-up calls after 24 & 72 hours, 14 & 30 days, allows Sinai’s Concierge to have valuable information regarding the patient’s readjustment to being home and any further need for assistance – whether in the form of equipment to ambulate, or fit-to-level prosthetics as their progress continues at home.

Here is where Ms. Archie’s empathy and honed listening skills are a great asset for Sinai’s high standards of patient care, for it is her ability to relate and understand the various needs of our patients that assures their time recovering at Sinai is an overall positive experience and, once at home, the memories of surgery, infirmity, and pain are left behind as they enter a new chapter of wellbeing.

Ms. Jewel Archie, Sinai Center’s new Concierge