Letter from the Administrator 4/3/2020


Attention all Residents, Visitors and Employees,

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 / Corona Virus the following will is in effect:

  • There is currently a Restriction to all visitors to the facility except for certain situations, such as end-of-life situations.
  • All Employees are screened and daily temperature is being taken as well as when any employee leaves and reenters the facility
  • No non-emergency consults are to be scheduled; we will be rescheduling some appointments that are not an emergency
  • No trips for residents to anywhere outside the facility, all recreation trips outside the facility will be cancelled
  • No outside vendors will be coming in to do presentations or activities
  • OOP (Out on Pass) will be restricted to necessary medical appointments
  • Frequent handwashing and good hygiene are of the upmost importance
  • Pharmacy Deliveries are to be made by the front desk and Nurses are to come to the front desk to receive deliveries
  • Family members may drop off items for residents by the front security and they will be received by employees wearing masks and gloves. All packages will be delivered later to the residents
  • Residents are being given masks and reminded about social distancing / staying 6ft apart from others.


** Please see Social Services to arrange for a phone call / facetime to speak with family members that you may not be allowed to visit during this time.

** Please note this may change and we will keep everyone informed as we know more or adjust the above policies.  We will be updating information regularly on our Website: https://sinaipostacutecare.com/


Thank you for your cooperation,

Golde Bondy, LNHA- Administrator