April 21 – Letter to Families

Dear Sinai Residents, families, friends, and doctors;
Through all of this chaos we can’t imagine the impact the separation from your loved ones has created in your lives. The simple need to physically visit, touch, or feed a loved one is unable to occur. For those who have suffered loss, the inability to properly say goodbye is heartbreaking. Our condolences and prayers are with the families and all those affected by this pandemic. Normal functions have had to change in order to reflect proper guidelines. We promise to do the best that we can and always remember that we are in this together.

Currently testing is extremely limited, as mentioned during our conference calls. We are working with multiple labs to test residents. The more we test, the more we know. Our concern is not about the data and numbers, most likely they will increase, as we perform more testing. Patients clinical status is important for you, and us. In transparency we are letting you know that the facility currently has 26 Residents that tested positive, 2 pending results and unfortunately we suffered with the loss of 12 Residents to the Covid-19 virus. We are closed to new admissions and have opened a wing for re-admissions from the hospital in order to provide an isolated area to provide care. We are in the process of multiple room changes to open a full floor to allow for the continued care of positive residents as we increase the testing through the facility.

PPE and other needed medical supplies are in stock at Sinai but due to high demand are very scarce. We urge the state and federal government to help all healthcare facilities and proactively address supply shortages. PPE, commercial thermometers, etc. that are needed to properly operate.

During these difficult times I would like to thank all our healthcare workers as they risk their lives for their unconditional love, appreciation, and support demonstrated to our Sinai family. We are all thankful for the kind gestures we receive from residents and families and eternally grateful. Our goal is to minimize the effects of the virus and protect the place we call home -Sinai Post Acute Nursing & rehab Center. To the devoted staff in each department and in all capacities, we thank you for showing up, for what you have done, are doing, and will continue to do. We are also proud to welcome over a dozen new staff members.

There is no failure at Sinai Post Acute Nursing & Rehab Center or any healthcare location who follow and exceed guidelines. The spread of this virus is unknown and it’s spread has been unimaginable. Let’s continue to work on what we can control. We will continue to follow infection control guidelines, wash hands, wear a mask at all times, etc. Let’s remain positive and do what we do best, CARE. As the information and guidelines continue to change we adopt and adhere. Sinai Thanks You for your continued support through these unprecedented times!!