8.8.22 Letter To Families And Friends



       Dear Sinai Residents, Employees, Families, Friends, and Doctors;


I hope this letter finds you Healthy & Safe!

To ensure the safety of our residents and employees we are continuing Covid-19 testing of unvaccinated Employees and unvaccinated Residents as well as those that are out in the community & potentially exposed and all those that are symptomatic.  We ask that everyone remains vigilant with PPE & mask usage, and we continuously encourage safe social distancing. 


*The facility had 2 residents test positive yesterday. The facility currently has 3 positive Residents and 1 positive employee that tested positive for covid-19after returning from vacation.  Testing of all employees and residents that were in contact with anyone positive for covid-19 is currently taking place at time as we investigate if there are any further positive cases.


Covid-19 Vaccine Clinics at Sinai Post Acute have been taking place continuously since 12/30/2020. Our pharmacy provider is now providing vaccination clinics for the Pfizer Vaccine. We continue to encourage all Residents, and Families to get vaccinated & boosters at this time! 


For questions in regards to visitation please contact Ms. Marie Valentine from 8:30am-3:30pm at 973-483-6800 ext 143. **   At this time recommended Visitation is requested to be limited with requested hours from 8am – 8pm for a 1 hour visit.  All Visitors are required to come with appropriate PPE- surgical mask is required at this time. Visitors are to come with N95 mask, Goggles / face shield if visiting a resident on an isolated unit or unit with suspected outbreak.  Any visitor that has tested positive within the last 10 days or with any symptoms must refrain from visiting at this time!


For all urgent inquiries, please call us 24/7 at 973-483-6800 or email us at contact@sinaipostacutecare.com.


** Please note the Emergency Outbreak Plan is posted to the Sinai Website for review

Please remember to check our Website for updates that are posted regularly.



As always, we thank you for your continued support and pray that everyone stays safe.