The Benefits of Post Op Rehab

Patients coming out of the hospital are often eager to head back home, but sometimes it’s not the best situation for them. After an operation, a patient will almost always do better with post op rehab, and this is often done better at a rehab facility. 

What are some of the benefits of post op rehab?

There are multiple reasons a patient should make a stop in rehab on the way home from the hospital. Here are some of the important benefits:

  • Shorter recovery time. Patients who go through post op rehab recover faster than patients who don’t, and who doesn’t want that?
  • Therapy in house. Of course, you could bring a therapist to your home a few times a week or trek over to a facility, but when you’re in post op rehab at a facility, you get taken to the therapy gym for several weekly sessions of intense therapy, making the process smooth and easy.
  • Customized plans. It’s not a one-size-fits-all deal, but a unique plan to help you with your specific needs.
  • Better healing. Since your plan fits what you need, it’s targeted toward optimal healing.
  • Some parts of recovery just may not happen without rehab. If someone has lost the ability to walk, for example, he may never regain it without some strenuous efforts that require the assistance of a trained physical therapist.

These are some side benefits of:

  • The physical therapy will keep the patient’s blood circulating and help prevent blood clots. If a patient is sedentary, he may be prone to poor circulation and blood clots. But without the aid of staff and therapists, he may not have the strength or motivation to keep moving. This is particularly important for cardiac or vascular patients, who are at risk if they have poor blood circulation.
  • The therapies provided by post op rehab will help with overall coordination and posture, so the patient gets a full-body recovery that covers more than the area that needed an operation to begin with.
  • Different types of therapists will help the patient learn to do certain things on their own that they may have trouble with if they aren’t given these tools. The occupational therapist specifically helps the patient learn to do activities for daily living and provides him with strategies to progress at home.
  • The patients will learn appropriate exercises to stay fit and healthy and improve outcomes.
  • He’ll get safe and effective pain management from expert nurses to help ease post op pain.
  • He’ll lower his risk of being readmitted to the hospital with complications.

Post op rehab is almost always entirely covered by Medicare or other insurance, so finances shouldn’t be a reason not to take advantage of it. 

At Sinai Post Acute Care Center for Rehabilitation in Newark, New Jersey, you’ll receive stellar post op rehab from a caring and devoted staff of experts in their fields who will give you the therapy and skills you need to recover faster and better and go home with more confidence.