A Wearable Breathing Device for COPD Patients

   The iron lung machine, now a relic of the past, was once a lifeline for polio patients, enabling them to breathe.  Now Dr. Jake Brenner, a pulmonary critical care physician at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine has taken the principle behind this mechanical respirator to design a wearable breathing device for…

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Weather and Joint Pain

  Weather and joint pain. Is there really a connection? Many older adults think so. In fact, in some cases, you’ve heard them predict the weather better than the meteorologist. However, the scientific evidence is inconclusive and is sometimes contradicting. Those that suffer report flare-ups when the barometric pressure decreases, the temperature drops, or rain…

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Preventing Infection in Older Adults

  Infection is the leading cause of death in older adults age 65 years and older. It’s easy to guess why. Older adults tend to have a more impaired immune system and the existence of comorbid chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  But with caregiver awareness and proactive health measures,…

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SHIP – Medicare Education in new Jersey

Medicare education in New Jersey

Entering the world of Medicare and Medicaid can be very daunting. These programs are exactly meant to help those who are poor and elderly, and these are the precise populations that may have difficulty gaining access to information about programs. The various regulations can also be very challenging to understand, and for the elderly, who…

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Medications That May Help Alzheimer’s Care

model of a brain

Millions of dollars are raised every year to research ways to combat the devastating symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. An up and coming solution may come in the form of basic anticoagulants, which are normally used to treat people with blood problems, but in an innovative use of the medications may also help with Alzheimer’s care.…

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When do You Need Vascular Care?

Veins - the vascular system

Healthy people often have no idea what the vascular system is. Unless people are medical professionals or very informed about health, why would they? It’s often only when it’s too late, and people haven’t lived a healthy lifestyle, that they learn about vascular care and what they’ve been doing wrong. While it’s not possible to…

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ER Wait Time at New Jersey Hospitals Goes Down

Waiting at Er rooms decreased in New Jersey hospitals

Waiting time at the ER room is a sore point for people who need emergency medical help. While in triage those who need immediate help will always be seen quickly, for those with less urgent needs, waiting for help can feel like a nightmare. Fortunately for residents of New Jersey, that wait time just went…

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