When do You Need Vascular Care?

Veins - the vascular system

Healthy people often have no idea what the vascular system is. Unless people are medical professionals or very informed about health, why would they? It’s often only when it’s too late, and people haven’t lived a healthy lifestyle, that they learn about vascular care and what they’ve been doing wrong. While it’s not possible to…

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ER Wait Time at New Jersey Hospitals Goes Down

Waiting at Er rooms decreased in New Jersey hospitals

Waiting time at the ER room is a sore point for people who need emergency medical help. While in triage those who need immediate help will always be seen quickly, for those with less urgent needs, waiting for help can feel like a nightmare. Fortunately for residents of New Jersey, that wait time just went…

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation is Effective in Reducing Symptoms in Severe Asthma

Pulmonary rehabilitation helps asthma

Researchers in Italy has found that a program of pulmonary rehabilitation is effective in reducing symptoms in patients with asthma. What is pulmonary rehabilitation? Pulmonary rehabilitation is a program of education and exercise that helps patients who have pulmonary diseases breathe and function better. It has been shown to be successful in alleviating a variety…

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The Benefits of Post Op Rehab

post op rehab

Patients coming out of the hospital are often eager to head back home, but sometimes it’s not the best situation for them. After an operation, a patient will almost always do better with post op rehab, and this is often done better at a rehab facility.  What are some of the benefits of post op…

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When Short Term Rehabilitation Becomes Long Term Care

Short term rehabilitation

When patients enter short term rehabilitation, they certainly expect to be released within a few weeks. However, that doesn’t always happen, and the patient and his family need to adjust to the new reality of long-term care. Why would a patient need to stay in rehab? Although the goal of short term rehabilitation is to…

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Can Virtual Cardiac Rehabilitation be Effective?

virtual cardiac rehabilitation

Heart disease is the number one killer in the US and throughout the world. Cardiac rehabilitation has been proven as an effective antidote to the scourge, but it’s simply not available to everyone who needs it, or too difficult to complete for many participants. Researchers have been working on ways to make cardiac rehabilitation more…

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Therapeutic Recreation Makes Anything Possible

Therapeutic recreation

When someone has a permanent injury or disability, it often seems like doors begin to close and opportunities dwindle, especially in the physical realm. After all, aren’t there severe limitations? But through therapeutic recreation, people can learn to overcome even severe physical limitations, doors can begin to open again, and opportunities can become boundless. What…

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Physical Therapy for Ventilator Weaning Rehabilitation

Physical therapy for ventilator weaning rehabilitation

A study was published that examined the effect of physical therapy on ventilator weaning rehabilitation – is it really a necessary intervention? The researchers found that it’s extremely important for long term recovery. What is ventilator weaning rehabilitation? A patient on a ventilator has a serious risk of fatality; it means that his breathing is…

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Less Invasive Therapy for a Bone Fracture

Good news for bone fracture

A new study shows that keeping the arm in a sling is just as effective at curing a shoulder fracture as inserting plates and screws. While this is counterintuitive, the results presented themselves. This is great news for anyone who has a bone fracture, and it can significantly affect surgery rates and lower risks for…

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