Sinai Center Partners With The Heart Center of the Oranges: Bringing Better Heart Care To Essex County

Sinai Post-Acute, Rehab & Nursing Center is proud to partner with The Heart Center of The Oranges, bringing specialized cardiac rehabilitation to the community – and having a tremendous impact in Essex County with its positive outcomes. Dr. Gitendra Rajiyah, who leads The Heart Center, is now Medical Director of Sinai Center’s Cardiac Care Program.

The goals of Sinai’s Cardiac Program are as far reaching as they are clear: To limit the physical effects of cardiac disease, improve the overall cardiovascular health of the patients, and minimize the need for re-hospitalization.

A heart attack is frightening – regardless of its severity; and recovery might involve surgery and a full lineup of prescription medications.

Yet, perhaps the single most important factor to attain long lasting recovery is to undergo cardiac rehabilitation with the direct supervision of a cardiac expert in a state-of-the art facility.

“Our focus, says Dr. Gitendra Rajiyah, “is to help patients recover from a cardiac event or a cardiac-related surgery, and direct them to make the necessary lifestyle choices to manage heart disease and prevent future episodes”.

Board certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease, Dr. Rajiyah has been practicing medicine for more than three decades – working extensively with the geriatric population.

“As impressive as his credentials are, what is truly remarkable is to see him lead our staff, and the extent he goes to create a personal connection with our patients, earn their trust, and become a partner with them in the journey of cardiac rehabilitation” says Golde Bondy LNHA, Administrator at Sinai Center.

Dr. Rajiyah’s command of English, French, Russian and Spanish are certainly an asset considering the diversity of both the patients and staff at Sinai Center; And his affiliation with the best hospitals in the area, including St. Michael’s Medical Center, Clara Maass Medical Center, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, and Saint Barnabas Medical Center, provides an added measure of peace of mind to family members.

Cardiac rehabilitation in the 21st century is about gaining back the ability to participate in the activities of daily living and making the necessary lifestyle adjustments to prevent any future episodes.

Sinai Center’s Cardiac Program is indeed, making these possibilities real by making them accessible to the Essex County community.