Letter from the Administrator 4/7/2020

Dear Sinai Post Acute Residents, Families, Friends, and Doctors,

While we sit and write this letter our hearts are consumed by pain. In the last few weeks we’ve lost patients and family members to us. Some of the passing’s are contributed to COVID-19. This virus is unimaginable in how it’s taking away loved ones and causing so many of us to be sick in many different ways. We raise our hands in prayer for you, for us, for the world; that this will just go away.

As you are aware, at Sinai Post Acute Nursing & Rehab Center quick measures were taken before COVID-19 became the word on everyone’s lips. Taking the initiative and becoming first to screen visitors and staff, restrict visitations, and all the additional steps we have taken and continue to take in order to minimize and potentially reduce the spread. This virus is nothing like ever before! As of Wednesday evening 4/1, we were directed by the Department of Health to take re-admissions (patients who have already been at the facility), several of those patients are COVID-19 positive. We are utilizing a separate wing for these patients. Those with symptoms are being treated as if they are confirmed cases.

We still have some of our staff out sick, some have symptoms, some have been tested for COVID and are positive. We are following DOH/CDC guidelines for when they will be able to return to work (once they are able to). Each day we witness the true frontline soldiers, they come to work spreading love and kindness. While they don’t get attention by the media, at Sinai Post Acute Nursing & Rehab we rolled out a monetary compensation plan to show appreciation to our direct care staff. We have secured the PPE needed for our staff in order to be protected while on the job. We are in contact with local Department of Health and the OEM office to ensure we remain appropriately supplied with PPE during these unprecedented times.

Hoping everyone stays Safe & Healthy,

Golde Bondy, LNHA