Keeping Up With Yolanda Silvera, Survivor of Newark Shooting-12 Years Later

Yolanda Silvera’s incredible story of survival, and the clinical excellence at Sinai Center that made her amazing rehabilitation a reality, have been featured on national and local news. (
Her 12-year journey of rehabilitation is beyond remarkable.

Today, two months after her discharge back home, Yolanda attends Sinai Center’s Adult Day Care Program during the week. Sitting comfortably next to her “good pal” Golde Bondy, LNHA, Administrator of The Oasis Adult Day Care at Sinai, Yolanda recalls “When I first came, and in the state I was, I said to myself ‘ One day I will be leaving this building’ – and I did!”

The great team of medical experts, therapists, nurses, and dedicated administrative staff at Sinai Center who made her amazing recovery a reality, beam when they see Yolanda come through the doors at Sinai — now just for day care.

“Yolanda is functioning very well”, says Golde. “She continues to exercise – and still has that the great positive attitude that saw her through this ordeal”, says Goldie.

Her positive attitude and determination to live make Yolanda a remarkable person. And her rehabilitation at Sinai Center – A Success Story!

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