A Heartfelt Celebration Of Women’s History Month At Sinai Center!

Gathering to celebrate with a series of outstanding performances, we were all inspired both by the women in History – and the amazing women at Sinai Center!

Pictured below: Patients and Residents at Sinai Center portray women who made a difference in history in honor of Women’s History Month. The affair, entitled “Who Am I” was portrayed via dialogues read by each client. Ms. Eva Archer, was Helen Keller, Sarah Smith, was Hilary Clinton, Joan Bell, was Mother Theresa, Tashauna Bowden, performed her own poetry, and Jessie Meyers, completed the dialogues with Michelle Obama. Once each patient finished her reading, the audience got an opportunity to guess who they were. The interactive program ended with a thunderous applause. Ms. Gail Chatman, Activity staff, hosted the event.