Eight Benefits of Pulmonary Rehab

Respiratory illnesses, such as COPD, are the third-leading cause of death in the U.S., right behind heart disease and cancer. Someone living with a respiratory illness may have difficulty doing even the simplest activities, such as walking across a room or preparing a sandwich. Astonishingly, around 62% of patients with pulmonary illnesses don’t know about pulmonary rehab, a proven strategy that is often covered by Medicare as well as other forms of insurance.

Pulmonary rehab is a several-week program operated by a local facility that gives patients strategies for living with and overcoming their illnesses. It has been shown to improve the lives of those who suffer from illness. Here are 10 benefits of the pulmonary rehab program:

  1. Patients will learn more about the disease. As it is, a large percentage of patients do not know that it can be deadly – which places them in a compromised position. With education, patients can put themselves in a better place and bring down the statistics.
  2. Patients will be able to perform functions at a much higher level. You’ll learn breathing techniques and how to substitute when you can’t do certain activities, which will help you to get more done.
  3. Patients will be able to do more without losing their breath. Pulmonary rehab instructors will give you all the tips and tricks to accomplish what you need to without putting yourself in danger.
  4. Improved emotional state. Dealing with respiratory dysfunction can cause anxiety and stress. But taking charge of the situation through active engagement will give you a sense of control, alleviating emotional symptoms. Even more, instructors will give you techniques for dealing with stressful moments.
  5. A community of like-minded people. You’ll get a feeling of satisfaction from being around a group of people dealing with the same issues as you. Many people get strength simply from having a support system and the encouragement of others making improvements in their own health.
  6. You’ll learn about physical activity that’s appropriate for your situation, and you’ll be able to stay fit. Many COPD and similar patients give up on exercise altogether because they physically can’t handle it. But your fitness coach through the pulmonary rehab program will teach you how to do movements that you can achieve without causing breathing problem. This will improve your overall health.
  7. You’ll learn a holistic approach to achieving control over your situation, from education and awareness to breathing techniques and exercise, giving you the optimal setup for healthy and sustainable living.
  8. You’ll gain knowledge about healthy eating habits and better nutrition, which will feed your body what it needs to stay strong and healthy, despite your respiratory dysfunction.

At Sinai post Acute Care, we have excellent pulmonary rehab programs to help patients at all stages of respiratory diseases. Our warm and caring team, from expert doctors and nurses to therapists and staff, can help you learn more about the disease and take control over it, giving you a greater chance at a positive outcome. Find out more about how we can help you.