Coronavirus Alert March 12, 2020

Letter from The Administrator


While it was a hard decision to make Sinai Post Acute Nursing & Rehab Center decided to implement a temporary restriction of visitors as well as non-emergent out on passes / medical visits based on consultation with our Medical Directors and the Infection Prevention committee. We will allow, after proper screening, end of life visitors who are essential for the resident’s emotional well-being and will modify restrictions as needed. Please feel free o reach out to the social workers to arrange for a phone call or video call to your loved one.

Today we held a Town Hall Meeting with the Residents to keep them informed of the changes. Unfortunately, we are nearby to locations in Newark with confirmed COVID-19 and believe this is our best course of action given the concerns and compromised population we serve.

In the past weeks we have been proactive taking many precautionary steps to protect our facility residents, visitors and staff by posting updated signage, screening employees and visitors, frequently sanitizing common areas. We’ve had several in-services regarding infection control and handwashing with staff as well as training on other relevant topics.

We are thankful to the Newark Dept of Health / the Newark Community for arranging a Tabletop Session on COVID-19 that we were able to attend on 3/5/19. As we are all aware this virus and the information available about it are changing rapidly, we are following CDC, CMS and DOH websites and memos and adopting accordingly. We will keep our residents, families and employees updated as new information comes out or as changes are being made.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and for working with us as a team!


Golde Bondy, LNHA