April 22 – Letter to Families


Dear Sinai Residents, families, friends, and doctors;

Today we started ramping up our COVID testing because of the 100 testing swabs provided by Accurate Diagnostics. We know that this is necessary in order to really be able to provide appropriate treatment and cohort our residents in the proper groups. After thorough research we contracted with them and were able to secure the above-mentioned results tests with considerable faster turnaround time than what we were previously using.

 That being said we know that this will result in higher numbers of positive cases as there probably are quite a few residents and staff that are positive without symptoms. In transparency we are letting you know that the facility currently has 28 Residents in the facility that tested positive, 3 pending results and unfortunately we suffered with the loss of 12 Residents to the Covid-19 virus.  Please keep in mind that the increase in positive cases is not seen as failure to prevent spread but a better ability to conclusively identify cases in order to improve our ability to isolate those that need isolating, while attempting to prevent spread to those who are currently not affected.