Making the Best of Short Term Rehab

short term rehab at sinai post acute care

short term rehab at sinai post acute care

Patients generally check into a rehab facility after an intensive hospital stay. They’ve often undergone major surgery. Short term rehab is indicated when the patient has recovered from an illness or injury and can leave the hospital. But sometimes he needs extra support before he can return to his regular living environment.

Patients in this situation are usually eager to move past whatever affected their health initially and make their way back to a normal home situation. They want to be with family or at a stable work setting. There’s no sense in rushing the rehab – that could backfire and set the patient back in his recovery. He doesn’t want to land back in a facility just because he left too soon. Following the rules and doing what’s necessary to ensure a smooth and efficient recuperation is the best recipe for getting back to his regularly scheduled life as soon as possible. What does this mean?


Follow your doctor’s short term rehab advice

Being in a short term rehab facility often comes with a rigorous regimen to regain optimal health. Patients may require any mix of occupational therapy, physical therapy, proper diet and medication. There are various doctor visits and a slew of tests and procedures to monitor progress. They aim to maintain a schedule that moves the patient closer to complete rehabilitation and eventual exit. Even the loveliest rehab facility is not meant to be a home forever. Most patients have have the ability to spring back. The purpose of rehab is to become fit for return to their homes.

Following this regimen is crucial for anyone who wants to make a quicker exit. That means that the patient must push himself to work hard at regaining functions that may have been impaired over an extended hospital stay. This can include many basic functions, even walking. The basic formula is for the patient to stay in touch with doctors and adhere* to their directives. The more he cooperates with the facility’s staff, the easier it will be to move toward physical improvement.


Show support

The best outcomes for patients in short term rehab happen when there is a solid support system in place. A patient who comes to short term rehab has already been outside of his home for an extended period of time. While the transition to a new facility is the bridge toward moving back home, it’s still a foreign setup. Patients stay over at night, away from familiar settings. They make the biggest strides when loving family members visit often and give encouragement. This keeps the patient positive and moves him in the right direction. Many studies indicate that visits from family and friends decrease stay time and increase better outcomes overall.


Complete the picture

If there’s a family member who’s able to liaise between the patient and the facility staff, that can smooth the process for everyone involved. You want to ensure that the patient gets the proper formula for success. A more objective party, such as a spouse, child, or other relative, can be a conduit for information from both sides. This helps the patient and the doctors, nurses, social workers and therapists to create a proper rehabilitation plan. Sometimes the staff needs to deal sensitively with the patient; working with a family member can help that go well.  

At Sinai Post Acute care Rehabilitation Center, we encourage family members to be involved in patient care. We work with the patient through a cross-team effort to create the most efficient and productive care plan so he can heal faster and go home sooner.

We offer higher standards of care and many amenities to provide a superior rehab experience.